Ayrshire Women’s Hub; Empowered women to empower women

George Joseph

Angie Leigh McPike (Founder & Director, AWH)

Ayrshire Women’s Hub was founded by Angie in 2018. It is a non- profit organisation, aimed to help women and children in need. The organisation has helped a lot of women since it was established. It runs various support programs. The organisation’s groups Co- Ordinator Cat Leith says the only criteria to get help from AWH is that the person must need help.  “If they come to us with any need of help, for example, they need emotional support, practical support, form filling or phone calls, or any help at all, we are there.” She concluded.

AWH Café

AWH’s atmosphere itself is appreciable. A well organised office and café area are remarkable. Volunteers are welcoming. The café is donation based and is decorated with fairy lights, handicrafts. Coffee area is behind the hub’s main seating area complete with several couches.

We asked Angie about the ongoing projects of AWH. The organisation currently runs a aid campaign for Ukraine. Angie said, ” we initially started with collecting aid. That aid now has been distributed to Ukraine, which is amazing!”

The hub is securing new premises for people who may come to the UK as refugees. AWH is working in collaboration with some agencies in Poland to help people of Ukraine. Angie added saying, ” we are now just about to open a new fund to raise a financial support. Right now financial support is essential.” Angie sounded very sentimental but strong in her voice. Adding to this, the hub is working hard to bring people out of Ukraine safely.

The hub is moved from its previous location to a new building. The new office building completely fits for the Hub’s operations such as group yoga sessions, arts and crafts, and many more. “Women come to us with ideas for what they’d like to see and we can accommodate things during the day as well as in the evenings – the spaces are always there for use.” said Cat Leith.

Ayrshire Women’s Hub continues to grow. Anyone in need of help can come straight away through its doors. Trained professional staff at AWH are there for you.

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