Could “Unfair” Working Conditions Put Students Off Careers In Care?

A report into working conditions of social care staff has called for reform within the sector, urging the Scottish Government to introduce a new watchdog and establish minimum standards. The 18-month study was led by the chief executive of Alzheimer … Continue reading Could “Unfair” Working Conditions Put Students Off Careers In Care?

Consultation on Scots defamation law – Have your say!

By Eszter Tarnai A review to change defamation law in Scotland has been launched by the Government today. The aim is to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media in the 21st century. Damaging an individual’s reputation through false communication, or defamation is a growing concern in Scotland, especially online, with the growing popularity of social media. According to Community Safety Minister Ash Denham, who is launching the review, it is time for a change. Defamation does not only concern journalists, but with the use of social media, or even just words, anyone can easily be a victim. … Continue reading Consultation on Scots defamation law – Have your say!

Pressure on May’s government grows

By Jamie Costello The pressure on the Theresa May increases as key figures in Scotlands farming, food and drink industries have this week urged MPs to unite to avoid a no deal Brexit in a joint open letter. Adding to this Scottish agricultural secretary Fergus Ewing has vowed that environment secretary Michael Gove is liable to pay billions of pounds to farmers for a ‘no deal Brexit bill.’ The letter from industry executives warned that leaving the EU without a deal would lead to annual industry loses of £2 billion:  “Whilst recognising there is no political consensus yet on a … Continue reading Pressure on May’s government grows

Huge Investment Boosts SkiffieWorlds

by Kenny Boag Featured photos: SkiffieWorlds2019 The SkiffieWorlds 2019 take place in Stranraer this summer and the organisers have received a massive cash injection to help fund the event. SkiffieWorlds is the World Championship for the St Ayles Skiff class of coastal rowing boat.  The Championships are held every three years.  Ullapool in North West Scotland hosted the inaugural championship in 2013, and  SkiffieWorlds 2016 was held at Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland. The SkiffieWorlds will be a colourful and friendly celebration of coastal rowing. Up to 1000 competitors of all ages from countries such as New Zealand, Canada, United States, … Continue reading Huge Investment Boosts SkiffieWorlds

Prehistoric Puppers

By Anais MAMPUYA January 11, 2019 at 2.57pm SCIENTISTS have uncovered new information on the hunting methods of prehistoric dogs 40 millions year ago by analysing the skulls of lions, wolves and hyenas. Experts in Scotland and Austria suggest that the first species of dogs, known as Hesperocyon Gregarius, pounced on its preys the same way as modern foxes and coyotes. The findings also imply that the largest dog species to ever live, known as the Epicyon Haydeni, also hunted in a similar way. The animal, which lived 16 million years ago, could grow to the size of a grizzly … Continue reading Prehistoric Puppers