Whitletts Victoria begin search for new home

By Calum Brown and Dale Eaton Local junior football club Whitletts Victoria look set to depart current home ground Dam Park, with rugby side Ayrshire Bulls about to take over the stadium. Victoria are in the process of securing an open … Continue reading Whitletts Victoria begin search for new home

Brexit Coin Scrapped

By Evann Clelland The recent extension of the date for the UK leaving the EU has affected not only the people of Britain, but also their money. The Royal Mint was asked to produce a new 50 pence piece to commemorate the UK’s exit from the EU on the October 31. However, as the date has been extended to the January 31, these coins have been rendered useless. These coins that have the October date, have been recycled by being sorted and shredded before being melted down. These coins had a similar design to the coin that was meant to … Continue reading Brexit Coin Scrapped