Big Colin talks Italian Wine and “Sexy Pirates”

@DorisSpokes with Colin Falconer

A wee bit late and a wee bit rushed, from a hotel room in Scarborough, I had the pleasure today of speaking to journalist, pro-wrestler and self proclaimed ‘sexy pirate’ Colin Falconer.

“Tell me what doesn’t scream pirate – long hair, an earring and rum… all I needed was a parrot”

Colin and I began with a chat about his love for Italian wine and Jamaican rum and moved inevitably on to the ‘Sexy Pirate’ persona he lovingly crafted as an international pro wrestler.

Colin doesn’t wrestle any more.

Two years ago he snapped a ligament in his knee and has been unable to wrestle professionally since. Devastated but determined to find another way to celebrate his sport, Colin has used his knowledge of wrestling and created his own website – reporting on and breaking down shows for fellow fans.

I asked Colin how it felt to watch others, his team mates, as they continue to take part in matches whilst he slowly recuperates.

Colin’s honesty is unflinching. He can’t watch. His friends and team-mates continue to perform in live matches and Colin cannot bring himself to sit on the side lines. He says he feels terrible but it’s just too hard. He should be in there with them.

But Colin knows he will get better. His knee is on the mend and there’s no doubt he’ll be back in the ring as soon as his body will allow him. In the meantime, he’ll make do with watching match recordings, keeping contact with wrestling pals and waiting for the day it’s safe to return to training

The ‘Sexy Pirate’ will be back… and he’s raring to go.

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