Ayrshire Women’s Hub accessibility boosted by move to new facilities

By Peter Quinn

AWH Pro-Tect Founder and Director Angie McPike has paid tribute to the ways in which her organisation’s impressive new facilities have allowed them to help even more people than before.

Founded in 2018, the organisation is primarily aimed to provide support to females who are struggling with poverty or other related issues, and those who have been victims of harassment, abuse or sexual assault.

However, the AWH Pro-Tect range of services has continued to grow over the past few years, to the point where anyone is welcome to seek help there or to have a chat. The new hub on Miller Road, Ayr adds disabled access to the facilities, which only serves to add to their inclusivity.

“The biggest difference from here to the old hub is that everyone can access, because we now have disabled access which we’d never had before” Angie told UWS News. “We actually had a huge community of people that we worked with probably more in a virtual sense or where we’d go to them in their community.

“They can now be part of this community and already we can see the difference.”

AWH Pro-Tect is currently offering groups and classes such as walking, yoga and diamond art which are designed to increase community interaction and prevent isolation. They also bring in a number of experts in a variety of fields to provide drop-in sessions for the community.

The Women’s Hub organise ongoing programmes such as their efforts to provide support to anyone who has been affected by the current situation in Ukraine. Donations have been collected and sent across Europe already by AWH Pro-Tect, while support has also been provided to Ukrainian families living in Scotland.

For more information about AWH Pro-Tect, they can be found on Twitter and on Facebook.

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