Colin Falconer – From pro Wrestler to Aspiring Journalist

Kiana Greenan and Colin Falconer 20/10/2020

Some people are born knowing the exact career path they wish to take, other people try various things in order to find the exact career for them. Broadcast Journalism student Colin Falconer shared his own experience of this with me.

‘Have you always been interested in journalism?’

‘No I haven’t’

http://cs_rose1 discovered from a young age that he was a very adaptable person. At the age of 10 he moved from his home in Glasgow to Coatbridge. This wasn’t a bother to Colin, and he had no issue moving to a new place (he has however stated he prefers Glasgow to Coatbridge, from what I can grasp this is due to the variety of pubs in Glasgow). Although the obvious issues of having to travel to see old friends, Colin coped well with this change. Little did Colin know that learning to adapt to change this young would benefit him in adult life.

From the age of four Colin began to enjoy wrestling, his favourite wrestler being Shawn Michaels. He managed to succeed in his dream of becoming a professional wrestler and this was to become his favourite job thus far in life. However, due to an injury out of his control this dream was to come to an end. From here Colin decided to try out university and studied Business at Deciding soon after that Business was not for him. Throughout this Colin still had a passion for wrestling and football, and with this decided to do a Masters in Broadcast Journalism.

‘I started writing about it and it spirelled from there to be really honest’

Luckily, after writing about various matches Colin realised that he had a natural talent for covering wrestling and football. In spite of Colins random path to journalism it seems he now has a natural talent for both writing and broadcasting with the benefit of basing it around his favourite sports.

It’s not all work work for Colin, as he also enjoys watching his favourite team Rangers play and pre-covid enjoyed drinks in in Glasgow. A lot has changed in 2020 but Colin is making sure he makes the most of it by focusing on his new degree and career venture.

My interview with Colin Falconer

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