No Boxing Video Game Since 2011 Despite Demand From Fans

By Jamie Glover Despite critical success and furious demand from fans, EA sports are yet to release a follow up to the wildly popular Fight Night Series. Boxing games have been some of the most popular and entertaining sports games on the market. At the top of the pile has always been the EA Sports franchise – Fight Night. Their most recent instalment in the … Continue reading No Boxing Video Game Since 2011 Despite Demand From Fans

No criminal convictions for Clutha disaster

By Stuart Reid The crown office and procurator fiscal service have said there is “insufficient evidence” for criminal proceedings for the Clutha tragedy. A fatal accident inquiry will be held into the incident that caused the death of 10 people when a police helicopter crashed in to a Glasgow pub in November 2013. However, a recent statement from the Crown office said there wouldn’t be … Continue reading No criminal convictions for Clutha disaster

Oscar Pistorias sentence doubled

By Susie Paterson The Supreme Court in South Africa has increased Oscar Pistorius’ sentence to 13 years and 5 months after the state argued that his original sentence of six years was, “shockingly lenient.” Jailed in July 2016, Pistorius was found guilty of killing his girlfriend model Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s day 2013, but plead not guilty saying he thought he was firing at an … Continue reading Oscar Pistorias sentence doubled

Nanny State Cycling

by Jamie Glover There have been renewed calls for cycling safety legislation after cyclist offences almost doubled in a decade. The debate was largely sparked earlier this year after the death of Kim Briggs. The 44 year old lost her life after Charlie Allison slammed into her at a speed of 18mph. Mr Allison was driving a bike adapted to have no front breaks. He … Continue reading Nanny State Cycling

Book Week Scotland at UWS

by Siobhann Dunn UNIVERSITY West of Scotland are taking part in Book Week Scotland by hosting two events welcoming successful Scottish authors. The talks will be held Thursday November 30 and Friday December 1 at their Ayr campus and will have guest speakers Gemma Cairney, Alan Riach and Louise Welsh promoting their books to students to celebrate the week of reading. Gemma Cairney’s book, OPEN … Continue reading Book Week Scotland at UWS

Mental Health Lecturer backs Dementia in Football study

By Stuart Reid UWS Mental Health lecturer, Stewart Kerr, backs the Football Association’s study in to links between football and mental health. The FA announced plans for an official study in to the direct link between heading a football and mental health problems later in life. Stewart Kerr, a mental health lecturer has backed the claims for this: “I think it’s long overdue. “When you see … Continue reading Mental Health Lecturer backs Dementia in Football study