by Heather Ryce THERE ARE indications that badger baiting is on the rise all over Scotland, including across the different parts of Ayrshire. Scottish Badgers have been collecting data throughout the county since 2013 and by setting up volunteer groups to monitor badger setts, have found historical and current signs of this horrific crime. Badger baiting typically involves groups of individuals, along with tools, locating a … Continue reading BADGER BAITING ON THE RISE IN AYRSHIRE

High street crisis: is art the solution?

by Giulia Candussi   Footfall in UK high streets was down by 4.2 percent between the end of 2017 and the end of 2018, according to research by Ipsos. This equals to a drop of three million high street customers. Also, 1 in 12 shops closed in the past five years, according to further analysis by the Guardian. Clothing retailers have seen the biggest decline … Continue reading High street crisis: is art the solution?

Easter Weekend Litter Angers Ayr’s Local Beachgoers

By Fethi Benaissa Easter Weekend and bank holiday have attracted hundreds of people to Ayr Beach to enjoy the warm weather. According to the Met Office, Scotland has registered the warmest Easter Sunday on record. However, this has caused a significant amount of improper litter disposal on the beach in Ayr, sparking anger among local residents. Pamela, Ayr resident, came to the beach this morning … Continue reading Easter Weekend Litter Angers Ayr’s Local Beachgoers

Ayr’s Starlight Walk Returns For 11th Year Running

By Dane McBeth Every year since 2009, Ayr-based charity Ayrshire Hospice has invited locals along to join them on a midnight stroll through the town. On Saturday May 18th the Land O’ Burns Starlight Walk returns for its eleventh anniversary and registration is now open for people looking to gear up for a night of gentle exercise and stargazing. This year, the organisers have decided to freshen things up with three new … Continue reading Ayr’s Starlight Walk Returns For 11th Year Running

What Does it take to be a Therapet?

Callum Kerr With “Paws Against Stress” – an initiative set up by the Student Association of UWS – visiting the Ayr campus today, UWS Newsroom caught up with Therapet Accessor Linda Whitby. The initiative sees ‘Therapets’ visit the campus offering an opportunity for students to de-stress during hectic parts of the academic calendar. Linda outlined some of the criteria dogs must pass before being considered … Continue reading What Does it take to be a Therapet?

Loch Doon Fire Stuns Community

    The emergency services were alerted to the fire on a hillside at Loch Doon at 18:50 on Saturday. At least five miles of hillside has been affected and the public have been asked to avoid the area. East Ayrshire Council said overnight that progress had been made and that a welfare centre had been opened in the nearby town of Dalmellington. The fire … Continue reading Loch Doon Fire Stuns Community

Ochiltree Community Hub

Ochiltree’s new Community Hub is getting nearer to completion, and with the announcement of two new jobs, it looks set to make a real difference to the local community. Due to open in Summer 2019, the Hub will be run for the community by the community, aiming to improve health and wellbeing, social capital through sharing skills and reinvesting profits to provide sustainable activity. Since … Continue reading Ochiltree Community Hub