Christian Politicians Back LGBT Rights

By RYAN MCDOUGALL Pro—indy Christian politicians have come out in favour of LGBT+ rights, including marriage. Alison Dickie, SNP councillor and wife of a Baptist minister said she believes there have been ‘times where the Church has hurt people,’ and that Christianity has been ‘less than inclusive’ towards the LGBT+ community. The Edinburgh Southside/Newington councillor told attendees at an SNP conference fringe event: “It hurts … Continue reading Christian Politicians Back LGBT Rights

Eradicating Homelessness in Scotland

On World Homeless Day you don’t have to travel far in Scotland to see the problem of homelessness up close.  I spoke to Cody V an eighteen year old from Aberdeen who has come out of the care system and struggled to find accommodation since. Cody’s birthday was last week and she was happy to have been offered a flat in a nice part of … Continue reading Eradicating Homelessness in Scotland

FreshAyr says goodbye… for now

Ayrshire’s own cultural hub is moving out of their current headquarters at Queen’s Court, but they’re far from done. At the start of the project, in 2016, the aim was to bring artists and craftsmen back into Ayr’s high street and this way, hopefully attract more shoppers and inject new life into the decaying city centre. In June of this year, FreshAyr moved into a … Continue reading FreshAyr says goodbye… for now

“WE WILL VOTE!”, Catalonians protest.

On the 20th of September troubles started in Catalonia surrounding the independence referendum. Albert Gelpi is a Catalonian teacher who spoke exclusively to UWS Newsroom “What the Spanish Government cannot accomplish with dialogue, it will use force. But the people of Catalonia are protesting in a peaceful way.” More unrest has followed in recent days.  Catalonian President, Carles Puigdemont, declared that Catalonians would vote, and … Continue reading “WE WILL VOTE!”, Catalonians protest.

Kids Science Week Sets Sail at Prestwick Airport

All week Glasgow Prestwick Airport has been showing off the arrival of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths event, or STEM for short. It has seen over 700  secondary school pupils take part. The event was to teach about the importance of Science in our lives and to help guide pupils to a career in Engineering. Reported by Siobhan Dunn and Kevin Craigens   Continue reading Kids Science Week Sets Sail at Prestwick Airport

Ayr Station Hotel up for sale.

After 4 years of abandonment, the Ayr Station Hotel is up for sale. Since its sudden shut down back in 2013, the building has become a safety hazard for the Ayr citizens. Its private owner, the Malaysian business man Eng Huat Ung, has finally decided to sell the property giving the Ayrshire council a solution to deterioration of the building.     Continue reading Ayr Station Hotel up for sale.

Christmas has come early at UWS Ayr

Callum Kerr   The festive period is well underway at UWS Ayr as a host of christmas events brings the academic trimester to a close. The Students Association is throwing their annual christmas party this Thursday night in the Union bar. The event kicks-off at 8pm and promises a night with all of your favourite christmas classics; along with party games and a live DJ. … Continue reading Christmas has come early at UWS Ayr

Age Scotland’s Big Knit

  By Amy McGhee Age Scotland and Innocent Drinks have once again launched their annual “Big Knit” campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to knit small hats, which will fit on top of the innocent drink bottles. For every bottle with a hat sold, Innocent Drinks will donate 25 pence to Age Scotland, who will use the money to help Scotland’s older population this winter. The … Continue reading Age Scotland’s Big Knit

Visitors shine a light on harbourside coffers

By Corinne Hall Irvine’s harbour side has received a welcome cash boost after an illuminating weekend was dubbed a huge success. The Illumination: Harbour Festival of Light attracted thousands of visitors from near and far to the waterside part of the town over a four day event which started last Wednesday. People lined the streets for the fireworks and other colourful attractions as well as pouring into … Continue reading Visitors shine a light on harbourside coffers