Addiction; coping as a family

Approximately one in three people suffer from some sort of addiction according to charity, Action on Addiction. Addiction doesn’t have to mean being exclusively dependent on drugs and alcohol. Addiction comes in many forms. You can be addicted to electronics, coffee, smoking and more. No matter the addiction, it is essential it is seen for what it is; an illness and like many illnesses, it affects more than just the person infected. Annalise Macleod, sister to long-time addict Connor, said: “For the past fourteen years I have watched my family, as I had known it, slowly crumble around me. For … Continue reading Addiction; coping as a family

Are there too many "jukebox" musicals these days?

by Ben MacDonald As local musical fans have enjoyed the show based on the life of Buddy Holly at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow this week, the argument for there being too many “jukebox musicals” continues. The latest to open on Broadway, the Alanis Morissette-inspired Jagged Little Pill, has had critics turn their heads as the show doesn’t rely on the songs to entertain audiences, but also has a good story that keeps theatre goers enthralled. With productions dedicated to the works of iconic acts like The Kinks, Gloria Estefan and Meat Loaf all touring the country over the next … Continue reading Are there too many "jukebox" musicals these days?