Brexit’s effect on electrical appliances

By Dale Eaton Did you know that Brexit could affect your ability to wash clothes, hoover up a mess and even charge your phone? Even more, a post-Brexit Britain could become a magnet for substandard and counterfeit electrical products. This is a real risk as Brexit uncertainty continues. Brexit continues to drag on as its deadline has been extended to January 31. With this, it brings continued uncertainty as to how Brexit will affect day to day life. When considering this impact many, if not most people don’t consider its impact on household appliances and their manufacturers. Due to the … Continue reading Brexit’s effect on electrical appliances

Details of The New UK Passports

by Lewis McLeod The new British passports have been made by a Franco-Dutch company which has sparked some controversy about the production, as it has been outsourced but not actually made in UK. The new passports are being put out in stages, with the first batch rolling out on March 30, 2019. From this day onwards, British citizens could apply and choose if they wanted the words ‘European Union’ on their passport or not. This caused a bust up with the people hoping to keep a European passport. The Government then stated burgundy passports will be stopped in late 2019 and … Continue reading Details of The New UK Passports

How Brexit Could Invalidate EHIC Cards

by Lewis McLeod The UK has issued over 27 million EHIC cards, they cover pre-existing medical conditions as well as emergency care and also maternity care. The NHS have supplied these cards for many years to citizens of UK but now they look to be in danger of being invalid. NHS have put together a blog on their website that has explained what you should expect when travelling in the EU and looking for medical care – . If there’s a no deal Brexit, UK citizens can’t rely on their card being valid. Britons would have to buy travel … Continue reading How Brexit Could Invalidate EHIC Cards

Never-ending Brexit saga more destructive than a bad deal?

By Harris Cumming MORE than three years after the UK voted to leave the EU, the British public witnessed yet another extension to the Brexit deadline yesterday. The news left many feeling perturbed and desperate for the seemingly ceaseless process to reach its ultimate conclusion. However according to experts, this frustration could have potentially severe implications for the UK economy. Barry Reilly, Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex, argues that the threat of Brexit has already inflicted damage on the UK economy and that this new deadline will exacerbate this further: “Certainly for agents in the economy, firms, … Continue reading Never-ending Brexit saga more destructive than a bad deal?