Cannabis-based Medication Approval

By Amber Smith

Due to increasingly high cases of Epilepsy and MS in the UK, some 110,000 people living with MS in 2018; studies were spurred into the legalisation of Cannabis in order to trial medicinal in life threatening cases; first recorded case used as treatment was on the 10th November 2019.



Maureen Gibson; Head Nurse of Head Injuries at The Princess Royal shares her views on the topic.

“It’s a good thing because it will save a lot of people pain and discomfort. MS is a chronic illness, some patients find the pain unbearable thus the cannabis will help



settle the pain.” Gibson said.

“Most likely, cost is the reason it has taken so long to get this approved and the stigma around cannabis as a drug as there were cases of people showing symptoms of Schizophrenia due to the use of it without genuine cause.”

Gibson said, “There was a litt


le boy taking multiple epileptic seizures per day and he was prescribed Epidyolex and there was a major difference in his frequent seizure taking; it decreased over a few days so in cases such as that, I believe it was the right call to legalise it.”

“I think many people who have conditions other than those two, will feel entitled to it but in that scenario you need to take into consideration what Multiple Sclerosis is. Personally, if they genuinely believe they need it for say; chronic pain they should receive it but only as a worst case scenario.”

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