Cannabis-based Medication Approval

By Amber Smith Due to increasingly high cases of Epilepsy and MS in the UK, some 110,000 people living with MS in 2018; studies were spurred into the legalisation of Cannabis in order to trial medicinal in life threatening cases; first recorded case used as treatment was on the 10th November 2019.   Maureen Gibson; Head Nurse of Head Injuries at The Princess Royal shares her views on the topic. “It’s a good thing because it will save a lot of people pain and discomfort. MS is a chronic illness, some patients find the pain unbearable thus the cannabis will … Continue reading Cannabis-based Medication Approval

How Brexit Could Invalidate EHIC Cards

by Lewis McLeod The UK has issued over 27 million EHIC cards, they cover pre-existing medical conditions as well as emergency care and also maternity care. The NHS have supplied these cards for many years to citizens of UK but now they look to be in danger of being invalid. NHS have put together a blog on their website that has explained what you should expect when travelling in the EU and looking for medical care – . If there’s a no deal Brexit, UK citizens can’t rely on their card being valid. Britons would have to buy travel … Continue reading How Brexit Could Invalidate EHIC Cards

New Research Shows Alcohol Abuse Among Scots Carers

Scots care workers smoke and drink more than was initially thought, a new survey reveals. Now university boffins are calling for increased support to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Research conducted by Edinburgh Napier University studied the lifestyles of 813 care workers and discovered that less than 20% ate five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. There are urgent calls for more support to be offered for care workers, after a new study today reveals many smoke and drink more than the recommended guidelines as well as not exercising enough or not at all. Head of population and public health … Continue reading New Research Shows Alcohol Abuse Among Scots Carers

Refusal of IVF in the UK

In vitro fertilisation is one of several techniques available to help people with fertility problems have a baby.  In women, infertility is a result of problems with ovulation in about one in three cases. Some issues prevent women from releasing any eggs, whereas in other cases an egg is only released on monthly cycles. Ovulation problems can occur as a result of a number of conditions, including polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid problems or premature ovarian failure, and this is when a woman’s ovaries stop working before the age of 40, the most common age for ovaries to become less active. However, there … Continue reading Refusal of IVF in the UK