Work Has Now Begun for Motherwell Train Stations £3.5 million Transport Project.

The Glasgow City Region transport project is now underway at Motherwell train station. The project aims to provide an interchange that is of a high standard for commuters and will transform the station into a more accessible and modern link.


The Glasgow City Region aims for this project to contribute to a wider issue that will involve the local council working alongside a Scotrail alliance. A Scotrail representative said “We recognise the need for investment at Motherwell as it’s an important rail hub and interchange station.”


Scotrail Alliance has committed to a joint investment, along with funding from the Scottish Stations Fund, in order to influence a major development for Motherwell town centre itself as well as easier access for commuters to use public transport as a reliable link to travel to educational institutions, work places and also other opportunities both locally and beyond Lanarkshire.


Scottish labour Councillor Kenneth Duffy said “Establishing an integrated transport network connecting all the communities in the area is key for North Lanarkshire to achieve its ambitious plans for the towns regeneration.” He goes on to mention the significance of Motherwell Train Station as “Motherwell station lies on the West Coast Main Line, providing important connections to the South and is used by 1.4 million people every year.”


In a wider context for the area, the project also aims to improve the use of all forms of transport including busses, bikes and trains in line with the already existing train stationand hopefully improving road congestion. These plans are in line with Scotrail’s investment in the station and the project itself.


A Scotrail representative also mentions that “Once complete, the relationship between the station and Motherwell town centre will be completely transformed.”


Councillor Kenneth Duffy greatly supports this improvement work as part of the transportation committee and stands proud as part of North Lanarkshire Council making a change. He said that “North Lanarkshire Councils motto is Live, Learn, Work, Invest, Visit. I’m passionate about the area, excited about its future and always keen to hear ideas for improvements.”


By Amber Kane

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