TIME Magazine’s Twitter Asthma backlash

Asthma sufferers have hit out at TIME Magazine on Twitter for their video titled “How Asthma inhalers are choking the planet”

By Dale Eaton

“Every 18 minutes a child is admitted to hospital in the UK because of asthma,”according to action medical research for children and many patients rely on inhalers on a daily basis.

However, TIME magazine stated: “Inhalers that make breathing easier for so many of the 235 million people worldwide who suffer from asthma may be chocking the planet.”

The tweet highlights a study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open. The study aimed to analyse the impact on green house gas emissions and drug costs of switching from common metered-dose inhalers, to inhalers with low effects on global warming, such as dry powder inhalers.

The study concludes that “Climate change is a huge and present threat to health which will disproportionately impact the poorest and most vulnerable on the planet, including people with pre-existing lung disease.

“Every effort must be made to minimise GHG (Greenhouse gas) release to protect current and future generations from the worst effects of climate change.”

Asthma is a disease that affects millions of people all across the world.

Professor Innes Asher, chair of The Global Asthma Network stated in their 2018 report: “Avoidable asthma deaths – about 1000 per day – are still occurring due to inappropriate management of asthma, including over-reliance on reliever medication rather than preventer medication,”

Due to the impact of asthma on millions of the worlds population, the Time magazine video has elicited outrage amongst not only asthma sufferers but many other twitter users,

Some took a more comedic approach to their outrage,

Some called into the question the validity of the claims,

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