Sports Journalism

Learning about Lewis Laird – the football fanatic turned trainee sports journalist

by Adam Kennedy

Lewis Laird enters his fourth year of studying sports journalism at UWS, hopeful that his big break is right round the corner.

Lewis, 20, was quick to praise his university lecturers and their abundance of contacts: “It’s been good to meet new people within the industry, that you might be working with in the future. I’ve been learning new skills at UWS, working with some experienced lecturers and I’m looking forward to starting fourth year.”

Whilst acknowledging that his final year ought to be a challenge, it’s a challenge that the young Glaswegian is looking forward to: “Looking to go into journalism, it can be a hard industry but working with people that are like-minded and want to do the same thing as me, it should certainly help.”

Aware that there’s a series of sectors that – when qualified – he can work in, Lewis is adamant that sports journalism is the field that he’d like to enter as opposed to anything else. “The aim is to work in sports journalism,” Lewis began.

“The role is not nailed down. Even though you’re in fourth year, you can work on different parts of journalism like writing, radio and broadcast so (I’m) definitely trying to hone in on that but not decided on a dream role.”

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