Sports Journalism

“I’m just very excited to get started” – Third year student Sam Smeeth looks forward to UWS challenge

By Sean Boyle

Sam sits down for an interview.

As University gets underway, some third year students may be starting University life for the first time. Whereas fourth year students are returning from the previous year, though some may not have been to the University campus due to a global pandemic which has occurred the last two years.

A third year student sat down for an interview with us to talk about what he is looking forward to doing in the course. New third year student Sam Smeeth when interviewed specifically mentioned wanting to study sports Journalism during his future at UWS, “I’m starting sports journalism at UWS.” Off camera as well he displayed heavy interest in especially football, and he seemed to be very knowledgeable of what he was talking about.

The full interview

He also talked about being from Giffnock, “I’m from the southside of Glasgow, in a wee place called Giffnock.” Sam then went on to say how much he is looking forward to getting started at UWS, “I’m really excited for the year ahead, there will be a lot of opportunity to do things I enjoy and things I have not experienced before, so I’m just very excited to get started.”

Sam was very patient during the interview and conducted himself very well which will set him up very well for the year in University ahead.

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