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Getting To Know Mary: A Budding Student Journalist

By Ryan McGinlay

In-depth: Chatting with Mary (pictured, right.) was an insightful experience.

For many young people, the finish line to education is getting closer. Journalism student Mary Ibiyemi is now different, as she is set to embark on her 4th and final year at the University of the West Of Scotland.

Mary, who originates from Ireland, is keen to improve on the groundwork she set last year when she joined the University, citing some examples of areas in which she can strengthen further.

She said: “I want to ensure that my skills are ready to be set in the industry, in areas such as mobile journalism and in how I can grab the reader’s attention.”

Of course, every budding journalist has an area in which he/she will ideally find themselves in the industry, and Mary is no different to the norm in this case.

She explains: “My preferred sector is travel because I like to travel! I am thinking about doing international development journalism, where I get the chance to write about different countries and how they are getting on and to be able to portray these stories whilst living in the UK.”

It will be intriguing to see how Mary gets on this year at UWS. Both her motivation and drive to succeed stand her in good stead to thrive in the months ahead, giving her the best possible chance at success in her studies.

Keep up to date with Mary’s work and progress on her Twitter, which can be found here: @MaryIbiyemi.

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