By Akindele Matthews

Tensions are beginning to rise once again in the Students’ communities with the Omicron biting hard in the UK as the government introduced new restrictions for some countries with no clarity for sure when the travel restriction will be lifted.

A lot of International Students have made Pre-Omicron arrangements to visit their home countries to reunite with friends and families but had to cancel for fear of not being able to return in time or possibly not being able to return at all.

According to a representative in the Students Association University of the West of Scotland, Marion Wokocha the advent of this variant, Omicron is plunging the students’ community into another devastating shut down as normalcy is just returning to activities on campus from the scourge of COVID-19.

She said: “It will lead to more distant learning for international students and that will take away the effect of Campus life. It will take away from Post and Undergraduate learning when it comes to the international experience most students hope to have. The UK experience so to say.”

The government, in a press statement released by the UK government on visa applications. The restriction is part of their aim to protect public health from COVID-19 and associated variants of concern (VOC) thereby pausing till further notice, decision making on visitors’ applications in all red list countries. These restrictions affect visiting Family and friends, undertaking short-term studies, and taking part in research or exchange programs as an academic.

Wokocha advised: “for everyone to get double vaccinated and if possible get the booster. That is the only way to fight this variant.”

Kunle Ajayi, CEO Klenz travels and tours, expressed his dismay over the restriction as business patronage will definitely be low judging by his experience during the last lockdown. He said it last one was not a good experience for small scale businesses most especially in hospitality,events and travel agencies like his.

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