Kilmarnock rings the Christmas bell despite concerns of Covid-19

By George Joseph

Kilmarnock Market

People of Kilmarnock are ready to celebrate the advent of Christmas this year. They are not willing to spoil this festive season.

People don’t expect a lockdown situation due to the rising concerns of Omicron, at least during the Christmas . Tracy Doran is a resident at Kilmarnock and she told that Kilmarnock is not reported with any Omicron cases yet.

But there are cases reported in other parts of Ayrshire as per various news reports.


“I will spend this Christmas at my parents’ house!” Says Andy, a young guitarist and singer

Tracy Doran, a 62 year old woman, doesn’t think new Covid-19 situation is going to affect her Christmas.

Logan is a local resident at Kilmarnock and he said, “Cancelling Christmas parties and celebrations are pointless. I will celebrate this Christmas as I used to.”

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is addressing the Parliament today from 2.00 O’ clock. It is expected that she will announce new restrictions to combat the spread of new omicron virus. Cases in Scotland are rising at a fast pace each day. The First Minister outlined guidance like reintroducing social distancing and protective screens in shops.

On the other hand, shops are offering discounts to attract more people. There are boards like buy one get one free in front many shops. People are coming to the shops and purchase as usual. They wear masks and maintain social distancing as enter the shops. It seems like they are not very much bothered about the pandemic situation.

Tracy Doran is a 62 years old woman. She lives in Kilmarnock with her son. She is planning to celebrate this Christmas with her son. She used to go to the parties earlier but not this year. She doesn’t think there will be another lock down until the end of this festive season.


Logan is a young man. Cancelling parties and celebrations during the Christmas is pointless according to him. He celebrates the festival with friends at the pubs usually. He is not going to change it this year as well. Christmas is one of the greatest festivals, celebrated all around the world. Logan says it is not fare if the government ask people to cancel parties and be at home.

Andy is a singer and guitarist. He sings for people. He will be celebrating Christmas this time at his parents’ house along with his sister. He is not neglecting the fact of a potential lockdown. He is concerned about further restrictions as well.

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