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Peter Quinn- Politics to journalism

By Amy Baird

Have a listen to my interview with Peter here:

Avid sports journalist Peter Quinn, 24, from Falkirk believes his home town doesn’t offer enough opportunity for young journalists. He hopes to ”reach his potential” out with his small town normality.

Peter is currently an MA broadcast journalism student at UWS in Ayr. Being able to showcase his skills is something he says is important to make him “more employable”. He currently works for Anyone’s Game as a match reporter for women’s football.

Before studying broadcast journalism Peter had various work experience under his belt including a podcast with his brother where he spoke about sport and his own website where he takes sport stories and put his own twist on them.

However, journalism hasn’t always been Peter’s passion, he previously was a politics and international relations student at Dundee University. However, he quickly realised it wasn’t the course for him as his natural passion and interest in writing about sport quickly out shined his interest in all things politics.

As COVID-19 put a halt on everything it didn’t stop Peter applying to the broadcast journalism course and not giving up on his dream to one day become a sports reporter. His journey from politics to journalism is commendable as being able to admit to yourself that the course you studied for four years isn’t for you isn’t easy.

He shared some brilliant advice for young aspiring journalists who want to make a career for themselves in the future, he said; “make sure you give everything you can to this job. It’s not something to make a half hearted attempt at. Make sure to have integrity in the work you are producing”.

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