Online Journalism

“A Masters course is a vehicle for a passion” says Norbert Salat in conversation with Rebecca Tierney

By Rebecca Tierney

News can come at us in many different forms and, in today’s age of digital migration, we are exposed to it at every juncture.

Whether we’re liking photos on Instagram, scrolling aimlessly on Tik Tok, or watching the six o;clock news, we are constantly engaging with stories of people all over the world, and events of all natures that are affecting people in communities across the globe.

One such branch of news that proves that our information doesn’t always need to come in the form of negative or serious hard-hitting stories is sports news, something that UWS Masters student Norbert Salat feels strongly about. The Hungary-born student applied for the Journalism course at UWS to fuel the passion he feels for sports journalism, primarily, because he has grown up watching sports endlessly and the idea of getting to work in a field that both engages and motivates him was a top priority for him.

“I think it gives a great opportunity to talk to these people that you have admired and ask them the questions that you’ve been asking yourself in front of the TV for a very long time.” Norbert (pictured below with Scotland’s own Andy Murray) laughs when he explains his postgraduate choice.

The 24-year-old Edinburgh-based student says he doesn’t find the idea of the future as daunting as it could have been if he had pursued a career that he was less enthralled with, but the course at UWS allows him the freedom to report on the things he wants to. His eventual goal is to live in Oregon, the home state of his favourite basketball team the Portland Trailblazers, but for now he is enjoying the multicultural aspect of living as a uni student in Edinburgh.

“Ever since my first year of university here in Edinburgh, I’ve just met so many people from different parts of the world…and this was quite shocking but in a positive way.”

For Norbert, the diversity offered in a big city like Edinburgh, offers an homage to his childhood. He moved from Budapest to Belgium when he was ten and was instantly thrown in at the deep end in a new school with new languages and classmates from various European countries.

Norbert talks of the many “avenues” that can be explored through sports journalism and says he’s most excited to get involved with all of them through the course at UWS.

“Sports journalism is so great because there’s so many different platforms that you can do it on, whether that may be TV, or radio, or podcasts…there is always something that allows me to be involved.”

Norbert says he spends most of his time watching documentaries that are “sports related” and if there’s a major tournament or sporting event on he won’t be hard to locate.

“When a major tournament like a world cup or an Olympics is on then you’ll probably find me right in front of the TV screen most of the time.”

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