Journey of Rebecca Tierney from a Literature student to young journalist

By George Kaniyarasseril Joseph

Rebecca Tierney, a 24-year-old young enthusiastic journalist lives in Paisley, Scotland. She completed her under graduation in English Language and Literature and now doing her post-graduation in MA Broadcast Journalism at UWS. Interestingly she also had done a course on Theatre Acting.

Rebecca, as said above, being a literature graduate she wishes to combine both journalism and literature together. She has an interest in news journalism because it is more relevant and non-fictional in nature. Giving light to real life incidents fascinates this young, energetic lady. She is an ardent reader and up to date which a journalist really required. Being on a place where an incident took place really thrills her. She consider it as the advantage of a journalist. Rebecca loves combaining non fiction with story telling whether it is from a written piece of work or broadsheet.

She lived most of her life in Paisley. But in 2016 to 2017 she left to the US for her studies. She remember her days there as entirely different from that of in Scotland. She loves ling in here than anywhere else in the world. Coming to her university experience she really loves her days at the university and very much eager to see the results and outcomes. She is excited to do class tasks enjoy doing them on time and meet the deadlines. She want to be a correspondent ideally after the completion of the course. She look forward to make use of any opportunities offered to her to get a grip on the industry.

Here is the recent interview I had with Rebecca –

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