Profile- Matthews Akindele Oluseyi by Peter Quinn

By Peter Quinn

Matthews Akindele Oluseyi is a MA Broadcast Journalism student at UWS. Earlier today, UWS News reporter Peter Quinn caught up with Matthews to discuss his passion for journalism and his plans for his future career in the profession.

Matthews is originally from Nigeria and has studied journalism for a number of years. He has developed a terrific resume over the past twenty five years through both his studies and his body of work. Matthews worked on radio and television in his home country over that time and even hosted a radio game show.

He also worked for a number of years with Galaxy TV, performing a variety of roles there which have given him a wide range of experience in a high level media environment which will serve him well as he moves forward with his career.

Matthews wanted to study in the UK as his father had previously studied Automobile Engineering at Bradford College of Art, Science and Technology. In addition to the course at UWS acting as a logical next step in his journalism career, the learning environment at a university in the UK was something he wanted to experience as his father had before him.

Journalism is a very interesting course to me,” Matthews said when asked about his reasons for studying the course. “From my own personal point of view it will be interesting to do because you are always involved with the public, you are always asking questions. Most especially in investigative reporting, it gives you the chance to dig deep into situations, getting to know the true colour of events that happen.

“I hope one day I’ll be a big radio personality and move up from there.”

Matthews Akindele Osuleyi

Matthews is aiming to continue his career in radio, and hopes to one day be a “big radio personality“. With the experience and skillset he has developed so far in his career, it will be no surprise to see this come to fruition in the future.

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