Mind Games

In the modern era of sports journalism it is not enough to simply cover stars, games, players and stats.

Journalists nowadays must dig deeper to uncover interesting facts and revelations about sports people and their professions.

Nobody is better suited to this task than student journalist, Joseph James who aims to use his journalism degree to help him further a career in sports psychology.

Joseph James said: “I love writing. I love sports but if I’m 100% honest I’m not sure journalism is the route I want to go down.”

The young Dundee United enthusiast has enjoyed interviewing and compiling a blog on football players and the different mental health issues they face. By highlighting the problems today’s players face with mental health issues Joe hopes this will lead onto writing books on sports psychology and how athletes can develop mentally as well as physically.

Joe aims to complete his journalism degree and move onto a masters in sports psychology.

Digging Deeper: Joseph James wants to be more than a sports journalist.

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