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Dale Eaton: “Work experience is key”

By Ben Kearney

In his last year at UWS, Sports Journalism student Dale Eaton has shared what he believes is crucial to being successful.

Work experience is a key aspect of any media students aspirations and can help to really boost their academic work. Dale said: “Having done stuff for Glasgow City has really helped me – you grow in confidence when you are creating content that you know is ‘real’ and is going to viewed by the public.

He added: “It’s great for making contacts and getting to know the right people.”

UWS has worked with Scottish Women’s Football to enable students to help cover matches. This can range from reporting to filming and photography. Dale believes now is a great time for others to get involved and that people can be dismissive of its quality. 

“It’s in a great place right now, there are more live matches and attention. It is often overlooked by students who just want to work in the men’s game.”

Dale will now focus on his dissertation as he prepares for the final year, before looking for full-time work – armed with published freelance work to showcase his abilities.

Watch an interview with him below:

Want to find our more about Dale? Listen to quick-fire questions here:

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