Quickfire Q&A with Callum McFadzean

by Campbell Finlayson

On the face of it, Callum McFadzean is a man of the people. A man of impeccable taste. But just how true are those statements?

The answer depends on your own viewpoint, does Callum share your views on cats and dogs or your taste in hot beverages? Tea or coffee is always an important question, but it’s even more important when the man answering just happens to be the finest person to grace the streets of Ayrshire.

When it comes to his university life, he knows more than anyone just how important his final year is to his hopes of forging ahead with a successful career in journalism for the rest of his life. He also knows though how to soften up a certain lecturer with his quickfire Q&A answers, tactful as well as smart, this man knows how life works.

Question and answer sessions may not always be your thing, but with an expansive array of short questions covering topics from food and drink to sport with animals in between and a man of the world providing intriguing answers, this is one you’ll want to make sure you’re sitting comfortable for as you use up the most entertaining minute of your life this week.

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