Journalism student feels prepared to take on the world

By Alyssa Drysdale

Amy Park, a student at University of the West of Scotland, feels that her years spent at the Ayr camps has prepared her for the media world.

Amy Park feels ready and able to move onto the world of work. Source: Amy’s Facebook

Park feels that she can apply for a job in the media industry knowing that she has obtained and perfected the necessary skills such has being able to edit video and audio to a high standard that the industry strives for.

The journalism course at the university offers varying levels of experience such as editing and realistic news room scenarios which allows it students to get that vital head start when it comes to preparing themselves for that all important media job.

Park knows that stepping your foot into the door for that specific industry is hard but she knows that with her experience and the help that she has received from the helpful lecturers present on the campus gives her the best chance of success.

She also advises that those willing to join the course should be wary of the level of work that is required in order to keep yourself right and those thinking about joining the course should really consider if it what they want to do as it can get so stressful.

To learn more about Amy, have a listen to the rapid fire questions that were asked after the interview:

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