Journalism: Is This the New Norm?

Campbell Finlayson is a UWS student from Glasgow returning to his studies for his fourth and final year, he spoke to us about his experience throughout lockdown and how he’s feeling about going back to university under the circumstances due to COVID-19. He feels although things have changed, he will be able to power through and complete this year and even gave us insight into where he sees himself in the few years following his graduation.

Finlayson said his time during lockdown has been difficult although he found ways to entertain himself throughout the long seven month quarantine. “It was fine I think at first, you’re just kind of glad for the long holiday, but since then it’s just been watching Netflix and you do eventually get fed up.”

Finlayson said, “I’m glad to be back to university, as for it being online new I think it has ups and downs like any other situation for example saving on transport to Ayr is a plus but I’d also prefer to be there as it’s a lot easier to interview someone face to face.”

He spoke of where he sees himself in the years following his hopeful graduation this year, stating he would like to be in a “stable job, but I’m not too bothered which department whether it is in radio, video or journalism as I like doing a bit of everything.”

To learn more about Campbell have listen to these quickfire questions which were conducted after the interview.

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