The Student Becomes the Teacher

The final year of a University course usually signals the end of your studies and the transition to working life, however, for one journalism student it’s only just the beginning.

Journalism student Amber Kane is currently in the early stages of the final year of her studies at UWS as she works towards her honours degree but her future doesn’t lie in the field of journalism.

Amber is aiming to swap her notepad and pen for a whiteboard as she sets her sights on a postgraduates degree in primary teaching.

“Although i’ve really liked studying journalism I think when I graduate I would like to go on and do a postgraduate and try and do primary teaching.”

Amber has been working towards this goal by gaining valuable practical experience: “I’ve been doing some work experience in a school and i’ve been really enjoying it so hopefully i can further on my studies and go into that”

She has no problems with the variety of ages that she could potentially teach in a primary school: “I don’t really mind what age within the primary school, just as long as it’s not the nursery! Anything like primary one to primary seven i would be happy with.”

Check out the full interview with Amber Kane:

To get to know Amber better check out her answering 10 rapid-fire questions!

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