Journalism course has given student a magazine goal

In her last year of Journalism at UWS, Shannon Lennox has revealed her ambition to work for a magazine after mastering her skills during the course.

After creating two magazines in second and third year, this is now an area in which she’d like to pursue a career once this final year is up.

Despite dropping out of a creative writing course in Aberdeen, Shannon feels the skills she picked up not only here in Ayr but in that first year of writing, will stand her in good stead in the world of magazine journalism.

She added: “I’d like to work for a magazine as I really enjoyed doing that in second and third year.

“If I could be a features writer for a magazine, that would be grand!

“To be honest, it’s not always something I’ve thought of doing, I enjoy writing so I picked journalism then when we did magazines and feature writing I just found it through that.”

Being a writer for National Geographic Magazine would be her dream job and one that gives her motivation to get through the last remaining challenges of education.

To learn more about Shannon, check out these 10 quick fire questions.

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