“Hopefully it’ll calm down by then.”

Final year UWS Journalism student is waiting for the day that all goes back to normal.

Now in his Honours year and learning from home amidst an ongoing global pandemic, Gregor Sleith is counting down the days until he can go travelling again, one last jaunt to pastures new before he focuses on his career in multimedia journalism.

“After the travelling I’ll just get stuck into it” Gregor speaks over webcam from his room, the sunlight draping in behind him from an open window. “Hopefully I’ll be on the media side of things a bit more.

“What I found last year was I always thought I was ok with writing, but then I got my best marks I’ve ever had through video – which I never thought about doing before.”

Visual journalism is one of the most prominent storytelling mediums in the 21st century, with print journalism placing behind in popularity over the last two decades as both software and hardware become easier to use and cheaper.

“Writing’s a massive part of journalism,” Gregor said, “but I think leaning towards the future and stuff maybe media would hopefully create more opportunities for fresh starts and graduates to get into.”

Gregor Sleith discusses his hopes and dreams.
Audio of Gregor and his favourite things.
Audio of Gregor and his favourite things. – Gregor’s Youtube channel – Gregor’s WordPress

Gregor’s Twitter.

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