Looking toward the post-COVID world

By Gregor Sleith

Coronavirus has found us all looking toward the future and wondering what landscape we may stubble into once the shackles of never-ending lockdowns are finally cast aside. Looking toward the future Darren Gibson (31) , a 4th year honours student studying journalism, is trying to see the positives that he has gained from his experience.

“I think we will have a sort of advantage because a lot of TV journalism can be done from home so we will have the advantage as we have practiced that, instead of last years 4th years who were just flung into it. So, we have the advantage there.”

Darren is also realistic about the opportunities he has missed through the pandemic: “It will have its drawbacks as well, we haven’t been out in the field for ages or actually going out to meet folk, so that’s not good either.”

All of us are unclear about what world awaits us post-Covid and the opportunities, or lack of, that will present itself. What Darren is hoping for is to make light of the whole experience and use that to help him grasp his professional future in the industry.

Links to Darren’s work can be found here:

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