UWS Sports Journalism student ready for online learning

By Scott Bradley 13/10/2020

Scott Young has ambitions to be in charge of club media at a football club

He’s under unique circumstances like every other student globally due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is doing his Sports Journalism degree online.

“It’s definitely improved my technology knowledge mainly because I’ve been able to set up zoom calls, Microsoft teams, Skype calls and call that kind of thing. I’ve never been on zoom before, so it’s kind of a positive that it has been able to advance my technology skills – I’ve got an injury at the moment so it’s quite good I don’t need to travel to Ayr every day.”

Young is keen to be a TV correspondent for a football club.

“You’ve got your Rangers TV and Celtic – I’d probably want to be the head of that and go down that route; writing things for the programme interviewing managers, players and a bit of commentating as well.”

He’s wrote for Junior football club Cambuslang Rangers.

“I was writing articles, getting interviews and all that kind of thing and that goes into their local newspaper in Cambuslang.”

Young also added during his high school days he’d attend youth games for Youth Football Scotland

“I was giving a specific game to go to every week and write a report, get interviews, the same kind of thing and that would go on the Youth Football Scotland website.”

10 quickfire questions

YouTube video Interview



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