From Marketing madness to Media Mayhem

University of the West of Scotland student, Hala El – Djazairy is keen on making moves into the journalism world and is excited for the new challenge, having previously worked in the marketing and sales industry with her father.

The 27 year old believes her creative attitude and passion for reading and writing, will help her to be successful in the media industry. Hala believes this course will give her the platform to uncover peoples interests and emotions, while finding stories from nothing essentially.

A very well cultured individual, Hala speaks 3 languages – English, Arabic and French and this opens up many opportunities around the world, especially in investigative journalism which is her favourite route to go down, analysing crime pieces as well as other deep topics.

The West of Scotland student firmly believes attaining her degree is the next goal in her life, however escapism and down-time from the media world as such, also has great importance to her. As previously mentioned, reading is a favoured past time, which allows Hala to relax and enter a creative state of mind, helping with her studies of course. The former marketing assistant revealed she also loves music and baking, running a small baking business on the side.

Get to know Hala better below by listening to her 10 quick-fire answers!

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