UWS International Student wants more information and assurance of their stay in the UK as COVID 19 spreads

By Zainab, The University made an announcement on friday tor its student to stay away from all of the Campuses from March 16 2020 due to the spread of the deadly disease known as Corona Virus.

While some students think the University authorities should provide more information to international students on the Corona Virus. Other students think since the Government has not provided enough information, the University will have to wait until they do.

Paulina Kuchorew is from Poland, currently studying MA Creative Media Practice at the University of West of Scotland. She talked about what she thinks the situation of the corona Virus is for the UK currently. She also thinks the University is doing everything possible to keep its student safe and there is no need to panic.

Paulina is an assistant producer at the RNIB Radio connect. In our interview with her, she said the COVID 19 situation has made some of the staffs at her office to work from home.

Paulina Kuchorew personal opinion on the University and Covid 19 situation

Marianne Mandy is a musician from Kenya, currently studying MA Music and songwriting at the University of West of Scotland said “There should be more communication, but the silent is a bit loud at the moment” but she think everyone should not panic about the situation but also remain here in the UK because travelling might also increase the risk of contacting the virus.

Marianne Mandy wants more information from the school.

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