Coronavirus affects Scotland’s Universities

By Christopher Dass

With Scotland facing around 153 COVID-19 cases, many universities in Scotland have asked students not to come in. The universities have advised their students to attended their classes remotely, in order avoid large of gatherings in universities.

On Friday the 13th of March, the University of West of Scotland sent an email to students asking them not to come in from the 16th of March, considering the safety and health of its students and staff. While the university has suspended face to face classes, students living on campus are concerned about their safety, especially causing panic among the international students residing in the halls. With many countries closing their borders and flights being canceled students are worried whether they can go back home or not, forcing them to leave during the term not knowing if they can come back. Here is what a UWS student resident had to say:

Many other universities have also suspended face to face classes, with Glasgow University having 3 positive cases of coronavirus, they have also suspended classes from the 16th of March 2020 urging students to continue working on assessments already set assuring that the necessary steeps are been taken urging the students not to panic. The press office of the University of Glasgow has spoke to us saying that ” as of now the university is working on communicating classes to its students remotely” keeping their resident students safe.

Among other universities taking necessary messieurs to keeping in mind the safety of its students, one particular university in Scotland is said to have panicked all of its students having no contingency plans for its students, and having its international students go back home. Here is what an international student resident from the university had to say.

With the virus spreading rapidly across the world and borders closing the international students in Scotland are worried whether they can go back home and whether they can come back if they do.

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