MA Broadcast Journalism students facing campus restrictions as COVID-19 spreads

By Nora Garcia

”I think that the University should be able to figure something out. I hope they will, but I just don’t know.”. ”I’m afraid because I’m only in this country for one and a half year VISA, so if my VISA expires and I’m not done with my Masters… how I’m going to renew my VISA?”.

Those are some of the worries that the Master’s students currently have.

The class of MA Broadcast Journalism at the Ayr Campus in the UWS, is now suffering the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last Friday, students were asked to not attend anymore the university from the 16th of March in order to stop the spread of the virus. After this announcement, classes were cancelled until further notice.

The class is composed of seven students, all from different undergrounds but with the same fear: ”What is going to happen with my Master?”

Sarah Livingston, is a Canadian student in the UWS and her VISA is till August as her Master’s program will end on that month. Her biggest fear in this situation, is the closure of the borders in her country and the lack of information about what will happen to her studies due to the coronavirus.

Zainab Arowoshere is part of the MA Broadcast Journalism students and she feels lost as she doesn’t know yet what plans have been done for the Master and what the consequences will be.

Gordon McColm, from Ayrshire and also student in this master shared his opinion about the measures that the UWS has taken to combat COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the first classes of this masters students are given online. Calls over Facebook, editorial meetings and feedback with the help of their lecturers so they will keep producing material from there homes and safe.

The MA Students are concern about their future due to the spread of the virus. Lecturers who are part of this program are having meetings during this week in order to create a solution that will suit everyone. Possible assessments online will be done in order to avoid the spread of the virus and help the students finish their Masters.

If you’re student at the UWS and you’re looking for further information about COVID-19 visit https://www.uws.ac.uk/about-uws/coronavirus-covid-19-information/

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