Scotland’s Path to Indy Ref 2

Latest polls in Scotland suggest that support for Scottish independence is on the increase and the SNP’s Aberdeen Conference has stated that a 2021 independence referendum looks as close as ever.

Addressing her party conference this afternoon, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon looks set to call on the Westminster government to prepare itself for a request to hold another Scottish independence referendum.

While Sturgeon’s strive to join top-tier independent nations post-Brexit supports her desire to achieve this goal, she did make it clear that before independence is considered, Scotland must decide how to bridge the gap between the EU and the rest of the UK.

Frances Traynor, journalism lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland told UWS Newsroom how she thinks things might progress, she said: “The timing is interesting. We still are unsure if the UK will, or indeed if it is going to, exit the European Union and that will have a material effect on the date of the 2021 Referendum.”

The tone of Sturgeon’s speech is set to show that her view is that an independent European Scotland will be a unique country and this will aid the nation in terms of trade and global investment. Frances commented that: “Brexit has added to the support for independence” and that “people in the United Kingdom are likely to leave (the EU) and so people in Scotland who want to stay in the EU may be more inclined to vote yes for independence.”

Sturgeon stressed that it would not be her intention to have a physical border between the rest of the UK and an independent Scotland however, that will be determined between the relationship between the UK and the EU that Brexit would leave behind.

Speaking to Ayrshire local Lynn Boyd, she said: “I think a second indy ref is a great idea, it’s the right time.”

On Brexit she added: “I think everything going on with Brexit can only help the Independence cause and I would definitely vote for Independence.”

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