Exploring the Coffee Scene in Ayr

By Magdalena Szczepanczyk

As Starbucks prepares to open its largest coffee ever in Chicago, coffee shop owners in Ayr agree that customers are becoming more discerning and demanding in terms of their coffee fixes.

Customers also want to indulge themselves in the newest caffeine creations. With large coffee chains swarming the world, independent cafes are becoming luxury spots for caffeine lovers.  Ayr is home to a number of small, independent coffee spots helping coffee lovers get their regular fix in eclectic surroundings. Artisan coffee houses line the town’s small streets and are proving popular with customers.

UWS Newsroom tried and tested the coffee in three popular independent cafes in the town:


Located towards Alloway and tucked away between surrounding shops, Cafe51 is a dreamy spot for coffee and food lovers. Lunch time every day of the week is the busiest time for this independent café with people popping in for a quick meal during a work or a university break. With a wide choice of coffees and flat white being the most popular, this spot is the most popular with locals. The chef’s soup of the day is especially popular with customers at this café.

Our expert caffeine addicts declared it one of the best coffees in Ayr!


Nova Coffee

Coffee, cakes and smoothies, Nova Coffee is a one of the newest cafés in town. Providing customers with a selection of snacks and sandwiches and smoothies to brighten any day, this coffee shop is a great place for those looking for tranquillity and peace. Nova Coffee says that latte is the most popular coffee choice for its customers.


Kawiarnia Coffee House

Variety of options at this café is the best way to describe it. Giving its customers the chance to try a Polish cuisine while sipping a delicious cup of coffee, this coffee house is definitely one worth mention.

With its second location now open in Ayr, Kawiarnia Coffee House proves especially popular with dog walkers as it is one of not many “dog-friendly” cafes in Ayr. Not only having a good range of food options, the desserts menu is quite a large one too, with waffles being a popular choice. Polish specialities on the menu include pierogi, small dumplings with a choice of either meat or cheese, they are the most popular choice for customers being sold out quickly; as for four legged companions pupcakes are the newest addition on the menu.


These are only three tried and tested cafes with many more in town worth the visit. With numerous large coffee chains, independent cafes remain popular with customers as they offer a different variety of beverages and foods, adding a homely feel and a relaxed atmosphere away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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