Theresa May in Scotland to defend Brexit deal


After winning the support of the EU leaders with her Brexit agreement during the weekend, the Prime Minister is in Scotland in an effort to win over the Scottish public.

Along with the Scottish public, May will try to win over as many MP’s as possible in the following days, as she has faced strong criticism from representatives of all parties- even her own one.

During her visit, the Prime Minister will insist that the aforementioned Brexit deal will create new jobs and many opportunities for exporters.

However, Ms. May will face strong opposition in the face of Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who two days ago brought to light an analysis paper, which made a claim that the current Brexit deal will cost Scotland £9bn by the year 2030, in comparison to a scenario in which the UK stays in the EU.

The Scottish First Minister, who backs the confident vote of her country to stay in the EU, has called for another referendum on the terms of the current deal.

Additionally, she has made clear the SNP’s  35 MPs in Westminster will vote against the deal on December 11.

Reporter Manuel Cardo asked the public what they would say to the Prime Minister if she was in front of them:

Manuel Cardo Vox Pops on Theresa May Visit

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