Scottish Nurses Call For Pay Rise Following Budget Announcement

By Nicolle Cassels

THE Chancellor , Phillip Hammond, revealed today that NHS nurses in England would receive a pay rise as a result of the new budget.

NHS nurses in Scotland are hoping for the same outcome when Scotland reveal their budget in 2018. Scottish NHS nurses say they feel their jobs have become “more demanding” over the years however, they feel they are getting “less valued as professionals” and state that lack of a decent pay rise reflects this.

Anne, a NHS nurse from Wishaw, said : “The working conditions and pay are the worst I can remember in my 30 years of nursing. I am seriously considering taking early retirement and moving to the private sector. ”

Anne expressed that NHS nurses in Scotland have not had a relevant pay rise in over 7 years. She says that experienced nurses are now leaving the NHS to work in the private sector where there are better pay and working conditions.

She also feels that it is difficult to encourage young people to study nursing because of the poor pay and working conditions. All Scottish nursing students previously received a bursary however, nursing bursaries were cut in August this year and nursing students now only have access to the same student loans system as all other students in the UK.

The Chancellor announced that £2billion will be given to Scotland during his speech today. Scottish NHS nurses will find out next year wither or not they will receive a pay rise during the Scottish Government’s budget reveal.


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