Inverness Nuclear Bunker For Sale.

By Erin Kearns.

AN RAF bunker built during the Second World War, designed to withstand nuclear bombs has gone on sale.

The Raigmore Bunker in Inverness was designed as part of a secret RAF radar station in 1941 and was made to withstand the most powerful bomb at the time. In the decade following 1958, the underground shelter was used by the Civil Defence Corps and later by the Royal Observer Corps. It was then developed during the 1980s to resist nuclear, biological or chemical attacks after the Cold War deepened and the UK government demanded every local authority have an emergency centre.

It was updated with blast and sealed doors, decontamination facilities, two diesel generators to power the building and an air infiltration system in case of an attack. As a result of the secretive nature of the bunker, it has no view and is barely visible behind an abundance of trees and bushes.

Previous years have seen the bunker serve as a facility where local emergency services can meet to arrange responses to natural disasters.

The Highland Council, who own the site, are independently selling it. The Council state that their reason for selling is that “it is surplus to the Council’s requirements and it is no longer in use.” They have already confirmed an expressed interest in the property. A spokesperson for the Highland Council said:

“We think people will be interested in it because it is a very unusual and unique property.”

Potential bidders have until December 6 to make an offer, and viewings are “strictly by prior appointment.”

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