Success for Athletics in Scotland

By Ryan Crombie

THE chief executive of Scottishathletics has praised the unprecedented levels of success within the organisation over the past year.

Chief executive Mark Munro, who was appointed in his role 12 months ago, has spoken of the continual positive vibe Scottishathletics are generating. He said:

“It has been quite a year for athletics in Scotland and it is widely acknowledged that the club support system and Scottish club leaders, club members and coaches have been incredibly successful in terms of developing athletes along the pathway and especially on the world stage.”

He continued: “Equally important, in my view, has been the continued growth in club membership; strong event delivery; entries increasing; and some fantastic and innovative best practice within affiliated clubs. This success is unprecedented for a nation of the size of Scotland.”

Munro has said that the catalyst for the prosperous year is down to hard work and has commended those involved at grassroots level across the sport:

“Each and every day, on the track, the field, the pitches and parks, the pavement, the mountain, the trail, the gym, and the school or community hall; committed leaders, coaches, officials and supporting personnel are working in clubs and groups across the system supporting over 18,000 athletes to help them achieve their dreams on and off the track.”

However, he went on to emphasise that himself and Scottishathletics cannot afford to rest on their laurels and that progress must continue:

“Personally, I have a constant drive and desire for Scottishathletics to improve as a body. I feel we have to be better; recognise the important contributions of everyone involved in the sport; learn from others where we can; celebrate successes of everyone at all levels; make fewer mistakes and to learn swiftly from any mistakes we do make.”

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