BOXING: Allan vows to learn from Farooq defeat


DEFEATED but defiant Scott Allan has insisted he will learn the lesson of his numbing loss to Kash Farooq in Thursday night’s clash of Scotland’s best bantamweights at the St Andrew’s Sporting Club.

Farooq was the man who proved to be the real deal as he secured the British Challenge belt in their live STV Glasgow match-up in Glasgow’s Radisson Blu hotel.

Classy Kash, 21, dusted off the trash talking Allan convincingly – winning the bout 97-93.

In the losing camp Allan had to swallow some pride. The 24-year-old Shotts scrapper tweeted shortly after the defeat saying: “Never a loss only a lesson! Ill be back again very soon stronger faster and better trust me!!!”

Newly-crowned champ Farooq spoke of his jubilation admitting: “I am proud of my performance, it means a lot to me, it has been an emotional journey to this point.

“I have come from nothing.”

Allan went into the match with an apparent disregard for his opponent’s abilities as he tried to get under Farooq’s skin in the pre-fight conferences.

The cocky Scottish bantamweight champion had insisted: “I won’t be coming up against anything new.

“I know I’ll retain my Scottish title at the end of it”.

Farooq was aware of the brash comments from Allan and said it helped him to go out and prove a point: “He is all talk and he disrespected me so I knew I was doing the job.

“That was a big step up for me and I made it look easy”.

Within hours word of a rematch has been sparked in both camps. Allan spoke first saying: “I have to pick myself up now and I would like to think we would have a rematch”.

Farooq didn’t shoot down the idea of going the rounds again either but is confident that the outcome wouldn’t be any different second time round:

He insisted: “If there is a rematch I will STOP him and that’s not arrogance”.

In the meantime its rest and recuperation for both men. The new champ Farooq is looking forward for the down time.

He revealed: “I will need a rest after this as I have cuts and my hand hurts but when I get back into it I come now having proven a point”.

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