“More work to be done” for women in politics

Christopher Doyle

MP, Angela Crawley says women still face inequality in politics despite Hilary Clinton being on the brink of becoming the first female US President today.

The Women and Equalities Committee member in Westminster maintains that although the glass ceiling has cracks there “is still a ton more work to be done”.

Crawley, MP for Lanark and East Hamilton says: “Don’t be sold by the fact, we potentially could have the first US President who is female.

“If you look back to when the UK had its first female Prime Minister, we haven’t exactly came a very far journey. Yes there are a few more women at the top of their positions, but there is still not enough women in politics.”

As of June 2016, across the globe, there are only 22% of women in Government. There are also 38 states in which women account for less than 10 % of politicians, including 4 states with no women at all.

Despite these imbalanced numbers, the percentage of women involved in politics has doubled over the past 20 years so there are positives to take from the situation.

“I’ve seen a huge increase, in particular since the referendum in Scotland and there is a lot more engagement with women feeling like their voices are being heard.”

“I think that is aided by our First Minister (Nicola Sturgeon) and now we have the second female Prime Minister (Theresa May) and I’m sure in some respects, that has an impact on young women and girls who see a place in politics for them.”

There is no doubt that if Clinton does succeed today, it will go a long way in further improving women’s engagement in politics around the world.

For a more in-depth look at women in political positions of power read our UWS News 24-page special on the US Election.

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