As the world holds it’s breath

TODAY is the day America decides: Clinton or Trump to take up residence in the White House.

Uwsnews has been reporting on the election examining the highs and lows and the impact the US Presidential campaign has had on Scotland.

As well as online content, we have produced a 24-page pull-out which examines one of the most controversial elections in global history.

As uwsnews signed off today at 4.30pm we took a last look across the pond to see what the news media are predicting:


As the next president waits to be announced, The BBC have reported that Hillary Clinton is ahead with 48% and Donald Trump is behind at 44%



Women are going to the polls to vote in pantsuits in support of their Nominee Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump announced Monday that New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady and the team’s coach are supporting his campaign for president.


Fox News:

Sen. Tim Kaine voted this morning in Richmond, Va. at the Hermitage Methodist Home.


Washington Post:

The Washington Post have reported this morning that The Clinton’s have casted their vote in New York.

Royal Jordanian airlines is making a sly Election Day appeal to Muslim travelers: “Just in case he wins…Travel to the US while you’re still allowed to.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2016/live-updates/general-election/real-time-updates-on-the-2016-election-voting-and-race-results/the-clintons-cast-their-votes/?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_election-liveblog-ticker%3Aprime-time%2Fpromo

The day has finally came where the people of America will decide who they will choose to elect as the next President of the United States: will it be the ever controversial billionaire Donald Trump or can Clinton claim a historic win as the first female POTUS? News outlets such as CNN are already reporting some odd occurrences taking place with women at a polling station going topless to oppose Trump and queues stretching out for miles.

The fight for the white house has lived up to its name of being one of the most ugly fought races in the country’s history. While Barrack and Michelle Obama have been rallying to lift Clinton up in the polls, Trump has continued his trend of insulting and spreading negativity, warning that the former Foreign Secretary is “the face of failure”.

The toxicity that has followed Trump and his legion of dedicated supporters has many voters anxious about the potential of intimidation when millions of Americans head to the polls today. The threat has got so bad that electoral officials in Arizona and Pennsylvania issued advisories spelling out what types of threatening behaviour are banned.

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