Clinton’s LGBT flip-floping

By Natalie Miller

Hillary Clinton has had a flip-flop attitude regarding LGBT rights for many years. She has managed to slowly gain full support from the community through the run up to the election in which she has set out important points to raise for LGBT community if she wins. Clinton has often being accused of back tracking her words as she will be for same-sex marriage then against it, or she will be for it but won’t agree with it, which disappoints many people.

Susan Sarandon an LGBT Advocate commented back in January on Hillary’s campaigning, talking about LGBT equality by saying Clinton only came round when it mattered by ‘following’ and not ‘leading’. Hillary Clinton has gained support over the pond as well from a Scottish campaign called SFH [Scotland For Hillary], Co-founder Eva Murray commented on the progress that will hopefully continue with Hillary being president.

“I think Hillary will carry on the progressive policies of Obama, I think she will further that and I think America will really progress in a way we have never imagined, we have seen that with Obama already in equality issues like same-sex marriage.”

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