Whip the buntin’ out Boabby – Still Game’s back !

By Ross Clark

One of Scotland’s most successful comedies is all set for a big return to our screens on Friday night. Still Game is back for a highly anticipated seventh series, much to the delight of adoring fans.

It’s been a long nine years for fans – with some having feared it may never return after a public spat between show creators Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan.

Mary-Anne, 39, has been a fan since the characters first appeared on Chewin’ The Fat all the way back in 1999. Despite some viewers being worried it won’t live up to the hype, she remains positive: “I love it, I can’t wait for it to come back on – I’ve really missed it.

“I think it will be just as good as before, the material was written around the time the last series was getting filmed so it should still be funny.

“I just can’t wait to see more carry-ons.”

Student Joe Dyer admitted he can’t wait but also has reservations about the big Friday night return:

“I’m excited but quite nervous at the same time.

“Six seasons is quite a long time and obviously they’ve had a big break.

“Maybe I’m slightly worried they’ve run out of ideas, however I hope I’m proven wrong on Friday night. I’m just delighted it’s back.”

The impact of the show on audiences was only fully noticed after 21 sell out shows at Glasgow’s SECC Hydro in 2014. These were viewed by more than 210,000 people – making almost £6 million in ticket sales.

There’s no doubting that the live entertainment helped generate new-found fans, who may not have been aware of how good the show was – until they saw it in the flesh.

One of these fans is retired Carol McLean who only went along to the show after her daughter bought her a ticket for her wedding anniversary but she’ll be sure to tune in on Friday night: “I’m not a diehard fan, however, I went to see them at the Hydro and really enjoyed it.

“My two children are Still Game daft. It’s without doubt one of the best Scottish comedies of all time,” she said.

She also added that age didn’t matter when it came to laughing at the mishaps surrounding the Glasgow pensioners: “My two grandchildren went as Jack and Victor for Halloween. It doesn’t matter when you were born, it’s timeless – everyone loves it.”

The show is set to return to the stage once again for a second batch of live shows next February.

Tickets go on sale on Friday morning and are expected to be in high demand after the previous success. However, it’s been claimed tickets could start at £40 – a substantial increase on 2014’s shows.

Despite this not yet being confirmed, Mrs McLean says it would put her off returning to the Hydro for another comedy fix: “I wouldn’t pay that price, definitely not.

“Nevertheless I think die-hard fans would still pay just so they can see they’ve seen it– especially if they missed out on tickets the last time.”


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