Online trolls target stars of reality show GLOW

By Dean Robertson

One of the stars of Scotland’s first reality TV show GLOW today told how members of the cast had been targeted by online trolls who “wanted to see them stabbed”.

Joanne Ferry from Paisley is part of an eleven-strong cast, who will star in show that some are calling Glasgow’s answer to The Only Way Is Essex.

The 26-year-old social media manager was selected from more than 3000 potential candidates to appear in the show.

However, today she revealed that being a part of the show wasn’t all glitz and glamour, with some of the cast subjected to vile abuse online.

She said: “We’ve taken a lot of jibes for our fake tans and other things of that nature. Myself and the rest of the cast have found that hilarious, but we’ve had people online saying they hope we get stabbed and hope our parents get cancer.

“I have a job, I do charity work in my spare time, and I have family, friends and a boyfriend.

“They know me for the decent, honest person I am and for them to read they hope I get stabbed is heartbreaking.

“I have thick skin and I can take it on the chin but people forget I’m someone’s daughter and granddaughter.

“The cast are just a group of people who have been given an opportunity and we’ve grabbed it with both hands.”

Since the show’s announcement earlier this year many people have taken to social media to express their displeasure at the programme’s creation.

Katie Robb tweeted: “Never been more embarrassed to be Glaswegian than seeing that ‘GLOW’ is a legitimate show.”

While Chloe Logan posted: “Wish The Scheme would make a comeback instead of that GLOW reality show.”

Despite the criticism, Joanna says she can’t wait for GLOW to hit the screens and insists the people of Scotland will enjoy the show if they give it a chance.

She said: “I’m hoping people will be open-minded and give the show a chance and if they do I think they would be pleasantly surprised.

“The show has been described as Glasgow’s answer to TOWIE, but that really is more descriptive of the show’s format. The people of Glasgow have a different sense of humour to Essex.

“Everybody loves Scottish people so I’m excited to see how that comes across on screen. Love it or hate it I hope Scotland gives us a chance. There will be fun, banter, humour and drama.

“As much as they may hate to admit it, a lot of people watching will see a bit of themselves in the characters.

“The Scottish humour, Glaswegian in particular, is one of a kind. I love the banter and I just hope people can be open-minded and give us a chance before they make their mind up on GLOW.”

The first episode of GLOW will air on Thursday, October 20, and it can be viewed online at


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